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Technology Specialists

The Technology Specialist provides support to school staff on technology integration, technology curriculum, and administrative applications. Technology Specialists also act as a first line of technical support for employees in their school.

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SchoolTechnology SpecialistPhone NumberEmail Address
SchoolTechnology SpecialistPhone NumberEmail Address
Carrboro Elementary Stephen Kegg 919-968-3652 x35408 
Carrboro High School Tim Nielson 919-918-2200 x25010 
Chapel Hill High School Sonja Beckham 919-929-2106 x41214 
Culbreth Middle School Jason Bales 919-929-7161 x51220 
East Chapel Hill High School Hugh Clark 919-969-2482 x27335 
Ephesus Elementary School Allison White 919-929-8715 x36240 
Estes Hills Elementary School Hunter Pendleton 919-942-4753 x30288 
FPG Elementary School Hal Sandick 919-942-6491 x37282 
Glenwood Elementary School Alan Brown 919-968-3473 x38270 
McDougle Elementary School Debby Atwater 919-969-2435 x63130 
McDougle Middle School Floyd Royal 919-933-1556 x63130 
Morris Grove Elementary Tracey Hartman 919-918-4800 x34402 
Phillips Middle School Michael Byers 919-929-2188 x31268 
Rashkis Elementary School Alison Webster 919-918-2160 x22402 
Scroggs Elementary School Melissa Stopa 919-918-7165 x39526 
Seawell Elementary School David Klionsky 919-967-4343 x33235 
Smith Middle School Kevin Harvey 919-918-2145 x21306 
UNC Hospital School Lee Ann Gelinne 919-966-1228 
Showing 18 items